5 ways to clear your energy field

ImageDuring the day we pick up energies all around us and they absorb into our energy field. It can affect our mood, our physical energy level and state of mind.

Clear that shit up daily!

Here’s how:

1. Call on Archangel Michael
Ask Archangel Michael to cut cords of attachment from your day based on interactions with others, from relationships and from your own thoughts.  Ask him to drench these “holes” with healing white light. Ask Archangel Michael to clear your energy field of the energies of others to clear your own field from “fear or ego-based energies”. Remember, angels love to help us and all it takes is a request and they are by your side 🙂

2. Sage or Incense
Smudge yourself, your workplace, your home with sage incense. Ask angels, guides – whoever your spiritual team is to clear energies leaving you clear and clean.

3. Salt or crystal bath
Have a salt bath (Himilayan Salt) is the best, you can add crystals to the water too. We are made mostly of water so this is very healing. State your intention that your energy field be cleared in the water. Imagine the water clearing any toxic energy picked up during the day.

4. Energy clearing visualization
Standing or sitting down, imagine the energy from the earth entering through the bottoms of your feet travelling up your legs, spine and to the top of your head, past the top of your head. Then imagine the energy from the universe travelling down through the top of your head, down your spine, your tailbone, your legs and feet, back down into the earth, breathe up Mother Earth’s loving, nurturing and grounding energy and exhale drawing down the vast and open energy of the universe overflowing with gentle power and potential.

5. Protective veil
This is something you can do every day and is especially helpful if you know you are entering a situation with strong energies or personalities. Just imagine a veil or filter surrounding that only lets positive and loving energies into your aura, your energy field.