new moon ritual

New moons are about new

This is all about bringing in sweet newness.

New moons are about new energy. What is it that you want to create in your life?

Taking even ten minutes to perform a ritual is super powerful, not to mention …super fun.

First imagine. Thought creates reality. Imagine how much more amplified your intentions are when you put physical, emotional and spirit action together.

You are not only thinking about your desire, you are making the effort to put physical action into it and putting out there the feelings associated with thinking and seeing your desire coming true.

This is some pretty powerful stuff:

New Moon Ritual  
1. light a candle, or some incense or put on some soothing music OR all of the above. It takes like 2 minutes tops.

2. write down things you would like to invite into your life on little pieces of paper. As you write them down, notice how you feel.

Be sure to shut down your fear if it comes in and says “that’s not possible” or “how can that ever happen” and so on.

Let go of the “how” and “why not’s” and stay with the happy thoughts and feelings that come with thinking of your desire coming true.

3. take your pieces of paper in your hand, close your eyes and breathe into your heart (you are putting your soul energy in them) 4.burn them as a way of letting your intentions go

You can also write them down in your journal as a way to keep track.

Build affirmations around your desires.
For example, if your desire is to attract a soul mate relationship, you can make an affirmation that says

“I experience deep and true romantic love”


perhaps you have been feeling anxious and impatient, your affirmation could be

“I am safe, I am patient, all of my needs are met”

This further amplifies and broadcasts your intentions to the universe :)

Lots of love ♥

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