11 ways to show Mother Earth love

Image1. Imagine your feet kissing the earth with every step you take

2. Recycle – if you dont already, start small and work your way up

3. Appreciate and notice the beauty in nature that surrounds you

4. Send love to the trees, flowers, birds, sun, moon, water

5. Every chance you have, bless all those you come into contact with -peeps crossing the street, your loved ones, even “annoying” telemarketers

6. Before bed, thank god for the beautful corner of the earth you live in

7. Teach your children to love the earth – be a good example

8. Be a star-gazer, a tree-hugger, a snow-angel maker, draw hearts in the earth when ever you can

9. Imagine the heart energy of every living person and animal as little lights, lighting up and drenching the planet – including yours

10. Imagine you can take pictures with your eyes, capturing the beauty that surrounds you as you go about the day

11. Conserve water, save electricity, walk whenever you have the chance