Affirm it

affirmationsThink for a moment all the thoughts you think in a day. Thoughts that serve you and thoughts that do not. Think about the power behind your thoughts. If you didn’t think, nothing would happen. So it is fair to say that thoughts create things.

You create your own universe as you go along” – Winston Churchill

Fear creeps in…
When you are going to try something new, you may feel fear and thoughts like “What if I fail” “I can’t” “I am not qualified” “What will people think”. They can snowball to a point where you feel somewhat paralysed, scared, and those thoughts alone can sabotage any chance of positive manifestation in your life.

Re-train your brain
This goes for any area of our lives and all it takes is re-training of your brain. For every positive thought there is a negative, that is our ego, that is fear and…it is not real. More importantly, for every negative thought, there is a positive one, one that can transform and change our experiences in life. Not to mention, make you feel better.

There are tons of sayings out there about how a negative message is louder than a positive, that to counteract a negative message in the media, the positive messages are said to be needed to be relayed ten times more, some say twenty times and so on…so goes the same for our thoughts.

The universe, our world is limitless. Thought creates reality. Everything in the world was created from thought, it was made from the invisible to the visible.

YOU are a meant to be here, to create, you are here to contribute, to shine, to make the world a better place. There are no limits for you, there is more than enough for everyone.

Writing affirmations
What holds you back? Do you feel like something “bad” will always or is about to happen? That you will never find the love of your life?

Do you worry about what others think? Do you want to feel more confident in your job?

Do you feel unappreciated in life?

First you need to reveal your negative thoughts, what holds you back.

Write a new story – the real story
Say you are scared that you wont have enough money. Maybe you worry about the future. An affirmation for that could be “I am safe and all my needs are met”

Spend time writing what feels good for you, without limits, without the “but’s.”

Notice how you feel when you imagine your needs always being met.

The action you put into thinking what a happy outcome or future looks like, visualizing it, feeling it and putting in the physical effort of writing it down, you have boosted the power of that thought.

Feel better & watch your life change
Every single time you feel scared about money instead of letting your ego-based dialogue run wild, stop it. Repeat your affirmation. again and again.

Make a fun jingle out of it.

Write it down and read it first thing in the morning.
To the mirror as you look into your eyes
Text it to yourself….make it your computer password…..repeat it as much as possible.

Lots of love ❤

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