Goddesspositivity.com posts are for anyone who wants to feel happier, lighter, smile more and playfully live life.

Posts are about self-love, well-being, fun rituals, meditation, yoga, healthy tips and guided visualizations.

About Vanessa
I am a yoga instructor, reiki mepractitioner attuned for peeps and animals and pretty much a full-blown gypsy (and proud of it).

I love to smile and spread sunshine and hope this site brings some sunshine to your day.

I share my life with my two amazing kids and our furry family Tasha and Muffins. I am blessed with family and friends close-by and we live in a beautiful part of Canada.

I work in communication for education and teach yoga part time.

I love making others smile, sleeping-in, yoga, smiles, laughter, goofiness, kids, summertime, starry nights, snowshoeing,  the ocean, anything pink, writing, music, angels, fairies & dolphins, ponytails, sundresses, dancing, open spaces, pj’s, butterflies, Tim Horton’s green tea and the smell of fresh cut grass & lilacs.

Most of all I love waking up each day with the two sweetest most amazing people to love and hug 🙂

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