Comparison is the thief of joy

ImageIn order to experience joy and success in your life, you must genuinely be happy for others when they express joy and experience success – even if you feel your life is not where you want it.

By harboring feelings of jelousy, bitterness or self-pity, you are putting into the universe negative energy, your feelings of lack and bitterness slows down if not stops the flow of joy and success in your own life.

Transform feelings of jelousy or envy into inspiration – be grateful for your life, stop comparing – everyone has a different path, a different journey – all equally important.

Be brave and dive deep into your negative feelings and emotions, your shadow self – let your goal be to heal and transform. By looking deep into yourself, you are inviting the universe to reveal to you why you are feeling this way. By inquiring, answers and information will come your way to help you heal.

Send out love-vibes to those around you.

Celebrate and encourage others, be kind and life each other up – we all have important gifts to share. Be open to the excitement of others without judgement.

Celebrate those around you – be the bright light in the lives around you and watch your life transform. Watch how this support and encouragement is automatically returned to you.

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Gandhi

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