full moon gypsy fun

Full_Moon____by_MichiLaukeToday is the first full moon of the year. What have all you gypsy goddesses got brewing to celebrate the full moon tonight?

My plan
I’m throwing on my yellow legwarmers, turning on my fave tunes, lighting candles, spreading out oracle cards and burning shit.

Yup, I am gonna burn shit.

Burning shit
Let me explain….first we’ve got the power of the moon, then the power of intention, the sweet lovin’ the moon is getting with our acknowledging it and then…the power of fire…omg…recipe for gypsy moon lovin’ success.

First I will write down what I want to release in my life (guilt, shame, blame, judgement) on little pieces of paper.

To really release it, I will do my very best to connect to the the feelings I want to release. I do this by remembering an experience or moment where I felt one of these emotions and as I do, I light the piece of paper on fire under the full moon sky (outside) and watch it float away with full intention of releasing and healing.

I use a special burning pot that my son gave me for Christmas. Before that I used a tin plant pot. It is fun to have special “gypsy” tools…it makes your rituals more fun and unique..and powerful too.

Card reading
Then I do a card reading so I know what to focus on until the next full moon.

My fave spread is placing the cards in the shape of a circle (if weather permits outside under the moon light sky), then I focus on my breath, calm my mind and choose a card with the intention to receive the message that I most need to hear for this full moon cycle.

If you don’t have oracle cards, keep in mind that they have app’s for that…heeee, I couldnt resist…

Here are a couple awesome ones to pick from (click them and you are magically transported to the iTunes store). I added the Doreen Virtue number app just cause it is so super awesome. You will be hooked.

Path of the Soul oracle
Angel Numbers – perfect for peeps who notice repetative numbers
Angels, God and Goddesses oracle

I hope this inspires you to embrace the power of the moon and celebrate it’s divine and universal power. This is a fun and powerful self-care ritual that can be done alone or with friends.

Do you gypsy’s have any moon rituals? Would love to hear them! Feel free to share in the comments ❤

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