Signs from spirit

20140112-201213.jpgHave you ever had what you thought was a sign?

Found a feather, attracted to a certain rock on a walk, notice repeated numbers or think of someone and then soon after they call or you bump into them?

These are no coincidences, these are signs from spirit asking for your attention with gentle loving grace saying “wakey wakey”.

When you find a feather, even when your mind tells you it fell from the feather pillow, doesn’t it feel better to believe that it is a sign? Because it is. Believing in your signs increases them, allows you to connect clearer AND brings hope.

Hope is good, it makes you feel peaceful, safe and supported.

Everytime I find a feather or am attracted to a stone, I pick it up and give thanks. I feel a mystical energy, a sense of awe.

I sometimes put the stones, feathers or coins in a special box, in my bathwater, in my bed, put it in my pocket and, a lot of the time I end up giving them away.

I love seeing the hope and happiness it brings to others. Sometimes I even give them to people behind me in the drive-thru line up. It’s fun!

Notice the signs from your angels. If you ask them to give you signs or hints of their presence – they will answer you.

Maybe it will be a feather, or an item located in an unusual place, maybe it will be answering a simple prayer such as finding a parking spot. Maybe they will direct you to information you have been looking for.

Do not fear, there are only loving spirits and beings in the universe.

Ask for signs that are gentle yet noticeable. If you want to recieve more vivid signs – just ask. Let go of expectations because you are only blocking their work in progress.

Trust – they love and know you even better than you know yourself, they know what is for your highest good.

Once you practice, your connection will become stronger and stronger.

Make it fun, make it lighthearted and be sure to jot down in your phone or journal when it happens.

Re-read your list and be amazed but most of all – thank them for their presence, love and thank yourself for being open to it.

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