a thought before you go to sleep tonight

As you lay down in bed tnite, think for a minute how mind blowingly incredible our bodies really are.20140111-230552.jpg

Think of everything you did today and how important your body really is.

It is the house that holds our spirit and soul.

It breathes, feels, creates, moves, loves, expresses.

Think of the things humans can do; dance, drive, draw, communicate, laugh, cry, build airplanes, rocket ships, create entertainment, climb a mountain, float, heal itself, create life……the list could go on forever.

However…It sure seems easy for us to judge our bodies daily.

…Living in a world of what we “should” look-like, focusing on judgement, a false sense of lack and this mould we need to fit….not focusing as much at all on the gift our bodies really are.

Let’s all make a conscious effort to switch up our thinking and instead, choose to be grateful for the incredible miracle that is you.

There is no one like you. No one.You are completely unique in ALL ways.

Like no two blades of grass, flowers in a field, trees in the forest, drop of rain from the sky is the same and each serving a unique purpose.

As you go to sleep, feel gratitude and humility for your body and let your last thought be how miraculous you truly are and how amazing life really is.

Sweet dreams

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