What kind of hugger are you?


What kind of a hugger are you?

-a squishy boob hugger
-“don’t rub your boobs on me hugger”
-a back rubber
-a rocker
-neck cuddler hugger
-a lift’em-up hugger
-a quickie hugger
-kiss-combo hugger
-“I never-wanna-let-them-go” hugger?


Say whaaaaaat??

A Heart Hugger is often a frequent hugger. In some cases it can be their usual hello and goodbye ritual. A true Heart Hugger’s intention is to send their heart energy to the person they are hugging. Like, they actually visualize and feel it. We can all do this but….

Let’s face it…we have all experienced awkward hug experiences…

You know……
the unexpected hugs, “why are you hugging me hugs”, reluctant huggers…drunk hugs…forced hugs…awkward colleague hugs…”I’m in a hurry hug and the classic “dude, are you trying to pick me up hugs?”

The list goes on.

What do Heart Huggers do different?
They drop ego, judgment of self and others, suspicions and assumptions, and they let go of fear and trust their gut. Heart Huggers harness the true power of a hug!

A hug is an up close and personal way to send out powerful heart energy. When we hug we are giving and recieving love.

YUP, even when you are consoling another and feel like the hug giver. You see….they are recieving that love energy. They are grateful for that gesture of kindless and support (LOVE) and…automatically sending it back.

How to be an intentional Heart Hugger:
-breathe into your heart when hugging and breath out your love energy to the other person
-imagine your heart energy flowing to theirs (imagine white light)
-imagine your heart energy sending unconditional love
-imagine your heart energy healing them (without overthinking how)
-concentrate on your breath and connecting to their heart
-enjoy and recieve the love from the other
-feel it flowing back and forth, weaving and intercepting

Feeling this comes very naturally and you will know that you have actually been doing this all along. All that has really changed is you just got a new name for it along with a new awareness, appreciation all with powerful intention.

Happy hugging!

Would love to hear deets about what type of hugger you are, hugging challenges and any heart hugging experiences.

Photo: Blessed me Heart Hugging a sweet Haitian boy during Go Give Yoga trip to Haiti in 2012

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