Happy New Year ritual

Happy New Year

Take advantage of this powerful time. Take time for you. Make your own however you feel guided. Pay tribute to the last year and start the year playfully. 

IMG_6026I just couldn’t wait to post this….and…one of my goals for the new year is to stop procrastination so…here is another blog post following up (very timely-like) on how super cool and fun it is to do your own year ahead self forecast omgeeee excited, just laid these babies out…my 2014.

I spent the day pretty much in my jammies and my hair in a bun, chilled out, made dinner, visited with friends who “ambushed” me this afternoon trying to get me to go out tonight and, made me feel pretty special I must say :), but… I had my annual ring in the new year ritual in mind that I’ve been pumped about for days.

Don’t even get me started on how super cool it is that the new moon, which is also a SUPER MOON, is also on the 1st.

New moon, new beginnings, first day of the year, how it all is landing on the same day and how crazy powerful all this is.

Although I considered how much fun it would be to see old friends, two-step, hang out at the funnest small town bar evaaaa (used to use towels for tablecloths and there is a bar cat)…its the biggest gypsy night of the freaking year – so…ya… no…I’m staying put.

First I took sage and the coolest little burning pot my son gifted me for Christmas and cleared the house of 2013 energy.

Then I bundled up and went outside, thinking of each month, thanking, remembering and releasing 2013 to the sky. Some things made me cry, some giggle and smile.

At the end of the little 2013 tribute, I realized how much had occurred; happy, sad, celebrations, seasons, nature, beauty, grief, new and deepened friendships, success, milestones, growth, hurt, disappointment, joy,  and most of all,  I felt so grateful for so many things that words just cant express, and although painful at times, the growth experienced over the past 365 days is a gift.

It was like the last year flashed before me and I paid tribute to, reflected on and let the past year of my life go with gratitude and love, making way for 2014 🙂

IMG_6035Then I lit candles, played some tunes, put out special trinkets (mini-dream catcher to amp up dream recollection, “I love you stone” given to me by someone dear, and an agate from beautiful Whistler Canada) and then laid out the cards.

They look so pretty and colorful and it is sooooo exciting to see the year ahead in front of me. Who better to intuitively pick my cards than me.

I am waiting to read them until tomorrow, on the first day, of the first month, of the new year on the new super moon.

I can hardly freaking wait. It reminds me of Christmas morning 🙂

Check out deets on how to do your own 2014 self forecast.

Happy New Year – love, peace and joy.

I l

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