Be your own astrologist

Ring in the year with your own self forecast. After all, who better to forecast the year ahead than you.

Set the mood.
Light candles, incense or aromotherapy, play music, set out crystals, pick your favorite divination tools (angel cards, oracle cards, runes, angel number book), and wear something that makes you feel happy.

I will be wearing my fave leg warmers and a pony tail for sure :)

Do things that make you happy. Maybe have a salt bath first, pour a glass of wine or your favorite drink.

This is a celebration of 2013 and the coming of 2014 – live it up, dance around, be silly, be free, let your inner child play, do what makes your heart sing — celebrate your life over the past year.

2013 reflection.
First reflect on the past year. You can do this mentally or by writing it down, either way, it is a really positive thing to intentionally reflect on the year past.

My plan is to stand outside and spend a few moments month-by-month thinking of the things that happened. I intend to feel acceptance, gratitude and see how everything caused me to grow to where I am today. If this causes emotion, that is good – it is a perfect time and space to pay tribute and let it go. Imagine each month floating up to the sky with love and humility, thanking life for 2013.

2014 self-forecast.
Now we are ready for 2014 :) If you are using oracle cards, I recommend laying them all out at once.

I plan on picking from two card decks: Divine Guidance by Cheryl Lee Harnish, Messages from your Animal Spirit Guidesby Steven D. Farmer,  and I will also pick a number each month from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers (if you do not have physical decks, click on names to be directed to the iTunes store where you can purchase them on your device).

Next, spread your cards in a circle and with intention, think “January guidance” and pick a card, lay it face up and continue picking for each month.

Lay them out by season, in a couple of rows or however you are guided. Once all the cards are picked, look at them and notice patterns, colors, similarities and differences.

Then begin reading about each card and summarize the meaning in a few sentences in a journal or on a piece of paper.

If you are using an app, take a screenshot of the card and the meaning for anytime access and write down your summary one card at a time. You can also print the cards and glue stick them in your journal.

Refer to the messages as often as you like.

These messages are hand-picked by you, your spirit – you can trust them. This is your spirit, your guides, your angels communicating with you – bringing you the messages perfect for you!

You can also use this self-forecast as a part of your new year ritual/reflect next year.

Wishing you peace, love, happiness and for all your dreams for 2014 to come true.

Happy New Year xoxox

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