Root Chakra lovin

rootchakra Are you feeling unbalanced or anxious? Have you gone through experiences lately that have left you feeling unsafe or unstable in your world?

Here is guided visualization to help balance your root chakra.

The root chakra is located at the base of your spine, the color is red and it is the energy center that affects your flight or flight senses. When this energy center is balanced you feel secure, stable, have increased energy and vitality.

This added energy and sense of stability allows you to reach further while going after your dreams and goals. By placing your energy on clearing this energy center you are dispelling old energies that may be limiting you.

Get cozy 🙂
First we will take five or so breaths. Make your breaths easy. Let yourself feel peaceful. Take this time for you.

You are in this moment. Nowhere to be and nothing to think about. Effortlessly and naturally sending positive vibes to yourself. Who better to do it than divine and miraculous person such as yourself.

There is no one like you. Just like a blade of grass, a flower, a drop of water or a tree, you are unique – a miraculous being meant to be here on earth right at this very moment.

The energy within you is bright, clear and your spirit is saying thank you for acknowledging YOU.

Take a deep full breath, feel your chest rise, exhale soften. You feel connected with the earth. You feel safe in mother earths arms. You allow yourself to sink deeper.

Place your right hand on your pelvis. Inhale, feel the warmth of your hand and as you take your next breath, imagine soft white energy filling your hands, the mist of a pure bright white light to your finger tips. Take a breath and feel your energy pulsate.

Below your hand, directly below in the center of you is also shining a red energy, this is your root chakra.

Imagine this energy center to look like a wheel, with a few large spokes, how fast is it moving? Is it moving quickly, slowly or at a pace that isn’t quick or fast? Inhale now and imagine the energy in your hand, the bright healing white light steaming down to your wheel, your root chakra.

Inhale and feel the light as if it is an endless stream of light spilling on your wheel, on each spoke from top to bottom, side to side, drenching your root chakra in healing light.

Effortlessly penetrating into any energy of fear, worry and doubt. Any and all experiences that have made you feel fear. Any and all experiences throughout your entire life that caused you to feel unstable and unsure.

Inhale and feel that light drenching your spinning wheel. Your root chakra. As you exhale, feel even more peaceful, even more open.

Inhale now, no thinking, no imaging. Just trusting. Relax and let this energy flow, clear, heal and bring a balanced, a feel good movement of your wheel. Feel your chest rise, your belly soften. Breathe as you relax and relax as you breathe.

Trust that healing is occurring, feel peaceful knowing that this healing intention you have put forth is, and will continue to have a lasting positive affect on you.

Now we will place a loving shield around you to act as a filter to lower energies so that you are less likely to absorb harsh energies that don’t feel good to you.

First, inhale and visualize your root chakra shining the beautiful vibrant red that is truly is, shining brightly and turning at a peaceful, loving, comfortable speed. Imagine the color shining outside of you about now, stretching about 2 feet from your body all the way around.

Now,  begin to visualize a veil of white light surround your entire being, this light is like a sheer curtain, that gently protects you from outside energy and automatically sends compassionate and loving energy to all that surround you.  Visualize yourself in a cocoon of divine light and love.

Take a few more breaths, chest rises, feeling peaceful — letting go…. notice how your shoulders are so relaxed, your whole body, notice how heavy and peaceful your physical body feels. Feel how light, how free your spirit and soul feel. Take a deep breath.

Now…we will begin to bring our awareness back to our awakened state.

First we will begin to wiggle our toes. Inhaling, wiggling our fingers, and making little movements by moving our head side to side.

Take a breath wrap your arms around yourself. Put your left hand on your right shoulder, your right hand on your left shoulder.

Embrace and hug your lovely self.

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