Let your light shine

Be the best version of you FOR YOU first. Before anyone else.

you-are-amazing-inspirational-quoteIf you are being the best version of you, what would you then have to “hide” to keep hidden inside?

Imagine no longer feeling such heavy fear, uncertainty and shame. You love and accept yourself. You live with purpose, passion and deal with the storms of life with acceptance, faith and humility. You let your light shine and watch your world change.

3 Minute Guided Visualization:
Hold something that you treasure. In your hand, on your lap or by your heart (stone, a feather, a pillow, a photo, a jewel etc) Or place your hand on your heart, hands facing upward or thumb and forefinger together.

Relax and clear 
Take a few breaths to ground yourself. Whether sitting or laying, imagine a cord of pure white glowing light from your tailbone connecting down into the earth. See the light, the energy from the earth connect through your energy, becoming a swirl of energy moving through the cord up and down your spine. Expanding to the top of your head, toes and fingertips. Breathe deeply, feel the energy enter as you inhale and clears as you exhale.

Notice that surrounding you is a thin shell-like layer or armour. Covering your skin. Feel the weight and notice how it restrains you. You have become used to it. Let it go. Shake it loose now.

Imagine moving your shoulders first. Feel it break loose, it parts, piece by piece, from head to toe. You feel lighter. You feel free. Notice as the light from inside you is streaming outward between each piece, feel the light from outside streaming inside you.

Peace and safety
Breathe inward and feel a renewed sense of patience and safety. Feel this peace and breathe in these feelings, this energy. Let your light shine. It is safe for you to shine and it is safe for others to shine on you. Breathe in these feelings of peace and safety. Let all the pieces completely break away now… watch as they fall to the earth.

Feel love
In front of you is a veil, it is dulling the light around you. The veil parts in the middle, like a curtain. They are sheer, tall to the sky and as far as you can see wide. Open the curtains now. The light is incredible. This light is shining on you so warm, like nothing you have ever felt before. Warm. Peaceful. Loving. Accepting. Pure.

You automatically feel an effortless urge to lift your chest to the light, you feel a deep connection, a free flow of love. You let your heart shine to the light. Your heart is open. It is safe.

Breathe in this love, this freedom, this peace. This is you. This energy is you.

You step though the curtains and begin to gently elevate…you lift up and FLY. You have wings. You fly at a comfortable speed upward looking at your wings, at the land beneath you, you feel weightless, you feel safe. You are free. You feel incredibly grateful.

Free to be you
Nothing bothers you here. Breathe in this freedom. This freedom resides within you right this moment in this meditative state. As sure as you feel this peace now, know it resides within you always. It is here in an hour, in a day, years, forever. It is always here. You are free to be you. You are the same powerful, loving and limitless energy that is found in nature, trees, flowers, oceans, it’s in the stars, in animals, crystals, the air, fire, rain, clouds, sunshine. YOU too are made of incredible pure energy. Look at what an intelligent and LIVING being you are! Breathe this energy deeply. Let it fill and penetrate in every part of you.

Accept and surrender
Rest in this energy, rest in your breath. Continue to soar. Commit in this very moment to live your life as you. Shine. You are a gift. You are meant to be here. Appreciate the beauty that you are and that surrounds you.

Along your journey remember to be patient with yourself. Life is a journey. We open. We grow. We change. You make the world a more beautiful and loving place by being you.

Carry your treasure with you or hold your hands in the same position that you did during this meditation whenever you feel you need to hide yourself. You will remember this feeling. Remembering the feeling will create more of this into your life. Make a promise to be the gift that is you. This inspires others to do the same.


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