embrace the rain

The rain cleans, clears and washes away stagnant energies and unclogs parts in your energy system that have become blocked. Look at the rain as a positive part of spring and summer that allows us to clear our energy field, our community, our country, our nation, our planet.

Rain is water and water is proven to have healing properties (see the link at the end of this post). Think of this: Humans are physically made up of mostly water. We need it to survive and are attracted to its soothing qualities, magic, strength and beauty in the bath, shower, sprinkler, water park, ocean, lake, river, waterfall, summer rain, it is all around us. It makes up the majority of our planet and is home to millions of living beings.

Notice how the rain has the ability to affect our mood.

When it rains, some of us want to cuddle in bed with a book, watch movies and some want to cry. And some want to dance in it, test out their umbrella and play in the puddles.

However the rain finds you, embrace it. We are not meant to be happy 100% of the time. If it makes you wanna cry and you don’t know why, that is ok, cry, let the rain cleanse you and make that your intention. To allow the healing power of the rain clean and heal you.

Then dance in it ❤



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