meditation love magic for limiting patterns

reneekeithartEver wonder why you keep patterns that you know deep down are not working for you?

And why you listen to the little voice that makes excuses for why it is a good thing, or “its not so bad”, or perhaps it may be saying…. “its just how i am”, you know, those kind of limiting beliefs that keep these patterns flowing and going?

Ok cool 🙂 recognizing is awareness and awareness brings healing and healing feels good and is gooood for everyone.

Get comfy as you read the following guided meditation.

For those that may be feeling tempted to leave this page at this time. Think of the chances of you landing on this page at this time when there has to be a gazillion webpages out there.

If you are still here, awesomeness 🙂

Back to being cozy.
Take a deep breath and connect. You can connect by imagining a cord of beautiful golden energy shining from within your spine and expanding throughout your entire body.

Every cell, muscle, tissue, bone, organ…all of you. Now imagine a vessel or a cord that shines the golden energy that fills you, imagine it opening from your tailbone downward, through the outer layer of the earth, deeper, deeper, deeper, down to the core of the earth.

See and feel yourself connecting to the  beautiful sphere of pure white light that fills the core of the earth. Feel connected, grounded and peaceful.  Now enjoy another deep breath, and relax as you exhale.

Let your forehead relax, you cheeks, lips and your chin. Draw in another full breath and while exhaling, let your neck relax, let your shoulders feel heavy,  relaxed.

Inhale….drink in another deep cleansing breath…………… you exhale lengthen your crown to the sky. Feeling relaxed and connected.

Now….as you feel a sense of peaceful centeredness, affirm the following:

I love myself.

I am dedicated to healing.

As a result, the experience of life heals for me. Awareness, connection, gratitude, love and happiness is within me and I allow it to swell and shine within me and outwardly to the world. 

I love this feeling. I love sharing this feeling with my loved ones, with all people, animals, nature, with the entire universe.

It makes a difference. It is inspiring. It is contagious. It is good for everyone.

I see clearly.

I recognize I hold some beliefs that are not for my highest good that cause repetitive experiences in my life.

When I notice repetitive patterns that cause fears and pain, I step back, get into the present moment and imagine handing the belief that causes fearful thoughts, emotions and actions in the hands of god.

Now is the time.

I see clearly. With acceptance, gratitude and love.  I love and trust myself. All I need is provided and I am safe.

I know what is good for me. My intentions are love based and it is safe for me to be powerful.

I am meant to be here and share who I am.

I am kind, caring, compassionate and shine a bright light in the lives of others.

I can see clearly now.

I feel happy, grateful and safe……..

Feel that peace. Breathe into that peace. Shine that peace, that golden light of yours. Shine it through your toes, your fingertips, shine it out from your skin, your outer shell that houses your body. Shine it out to the bluelightspace that surrounds you, even farther, shining to and in the community that you reside. Now imagine your place on the globe, on the earth, see that light shining.

Expanding effortlessly as it lights up the entire earth.

As the globe is flooded with your loving powerful and healing energy, take notice to your physical location on the earth, and begin to slowly float back there.

Past the stars, the moon, notice the peacefulness of space as you gracefully float closer.

You can see the oceans now, moving closer, moving through the clouds now as you gently rest on a cloud, floating downward, the cloud is bringing you back to your community, to your current location. Inhale a deep breath.

Notice how you feel. Sensations in your body.

Bringing yourself back to your space now. Begin to feel your body against wherever you are resting at this moment……Now notice your surroundings…..peaceful breath….

Bring your chin to your chest, close your eyes and visualize your intentions of healing, peace and joy released for manifestation into the universe and enjoy your day 🙂

Photo artwork credits:
Top: Renee Keith @
Bottom: Eagle Spirit Ministry @ 

2 thoughts on “meditation love magic for limiting patterns

  1. I really enjoyed this article and applaud your exquisite images too, very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

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