A conversation with your inner child…


Two little (insert your name here and add: ‘s ) meet on a playground.

These two little beings are young, free of judgement, are pure honestly, innocence and truth. Imagine the conversations they would have. How they would treat each other. Imgaine their mannerisms, their innocence and graceful and simplistic way of communicating…..Both sides are innocent, sweet, graciously honest, and feel free to communicate without the slightest worry of judgement or rejection.

Did you feel that? Even for a split second?  That is who you really are – that feeling of peace when you feel completely safe to be YOU.  What kinds of conversations would you have with both sides of you?

Well, this goddess is a night owl. So, my little girls have been talking about the benefits of getting up early and why staying up late is soooo awesome.

ONE SIDE is saying how great getting up early would be, how much more relaxed the drive to work would be, maybe read for a little bit or even throw in some laundry or spend a little bit more time with hair and make-up. She has even thrown around ideas about morning excercise, yoga and meditation (the other side thinks she is a nut-job at this point).

THE OTHER SIDE explains how she is so alert, energized and creative at night – it is her best time of the day! She is a bundle of energy and can get so much done at night. That is when she gets “her” time and does not want to give that up! No effing way! Besides, their bed is waayyyy too cozy (especially with minimal hours of sleep).

The little girl with great reasons for being an early riser reaches out for the other’s hand and says playfully “C’mon, it will be fun, let’s try it!”

She pulls her up with encouragemeent and acceptance, smiles and away they go. The night owl feels supported, excited and willing to give it a go.  You can see and feel the childlike wonder, possibility, effortless ease and confidence as they hold hands and skip away.

Can you apply this fun and healing visualization to areas of your life where you may have limiting beliefs or procrastinate?

Credit to:
Jason Nelson who blogged about how to heal limiting beliefs,
a visualization very similar to this in his blog has been super helpful for me.

Photo jacked from www.pixmule.com

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