How do you get your moon on?

Do you feel a connection with the moon?


Because we are made up of mostly water and it is a proven fact that because of gravity, the moon affects the ebb and flow of the ocean tide, it makes perfect sense.

Another cool thing to consider is that the prime time to plant seeds in the earth is around the time of the full moon because of the gravitational pull, water from the earth is drawn to the soil! Not to mention the fact that humans are made up of mostly water….I am sure you are catching what I’m throwing here.


Needless to say, my fascination and the connection I feel with the moon seems to bring out the goddess gypsy in me. Yup, goddess gypsy- full on!

I find it super fun and sooooo healing to throw on my yellow legwarmers, turn on Deva Premal tunes, light candles, spread out oracle cards and burn shit. Yes, burn shit. The

February Virgo full moon was no exception. (This ritual can be done at the time of both the full and new moon)

First, the cards are placed in the shape of a circle (if weather permits outside under the moon light sky), then I focus on my breath, calm my mind and choose a card with the intention to receive the message that I most need to hear.

This time I was drawn to use my trusty “Path of the Soul” Fractal Energy Oracle cards (crazy accurate).

Next I chose a Louise Hay affirmation (cut out and re-used from outdated daily flip calendar), then I wrote down the most significant things I would like to create, heal or strengthen in my life.

While I re-read them, I imagined as if every intention were real and felt (even for a split second) a sense of peace. One by one I placed them in a special burning pot (recycled pretty tin plant pot) and used a special candle (that i designated my “burning pot” candle) and let the power of fire light and send my intentions and my feelings of peace out into the universe under the full moon sky.

I watched as the powerful earth element of fire delivered my feeling-filled intentions up up and away into the magical night sky.

Have my dreams come true? Ummm….It’s only been a couple days but I can say that the feeling of peace I feel when I am quiet, hopeful, and visualizing what it would “look like” for my desires to be my reality, well, it feels good. And I like to feel good 🙂

I hope this inspires you to embrace the power of the moon and celebrate it’s divine and universal power. This is a fun and powerful self-care ritual that can be done alone or with friends.

Do you have any moon rituals? Would love to hear them! Feel free to share & inspire by commenting to this post ❤ 

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